Winning athlete Darryl Carter – The Road to Recovery

We have sponsored record breaking Darryl Carter for many years. Darryl is a dedicated full-time endurance athlete, coach, personal trainer and race consultant who we are very proud to be involved with. So, in May last year, when Darryl informed us that he had been diagnosed with a hernia  and would require an operation we were more than happy to help him though his recovery in what ever way we could. After the operation it would take few months of rest to gain a full recovery which I know was very hard for Darryl as he loves his training and racing with a passion.

Unfortunately, towards the end of his recovery, Darryl also picked up picked up an infection that was very hard to shift and on top of that a tight glut/hamstring issue resurfaced, which made training more difficult. With all the things going wrong with his health, the thought of doing one of the races he had planned to do had made Darryl think he may have to pull out.

He got in touch and asked for our help. On hearing about all that Darryl was dealing with, with regards to his health issues and  the stress it was putting him through, we wanted to help him as much as we could.

We have supplied Darryl with Elagen Sport and Beta Alanine throughout his sponsorship with us, which he has said has helped him greatly with his training. However, as a dedicated and well informed athlete who had been recently struggling in so much ill health, he knew he needed to give his immune system a healthy boost. He contacted us and we suggested he took our Elagen high potency capsules along with our Olive Leaf Extract and Echinacea to try.

Well I am glad to say that everything worked extremely well for Darryl, as 2 months later, on 3rd May 2014, he went on to WIN The Malvern Hill Ultra,  Fourth time in a row!!

Darryl continues to endorse our products and keeps us updated as to all his winning progress.

Please have a read of Darry’s race report on The Malvern Hill Ultra.


We look forward to hearing how the race goes!

Darry Carter wins Marvern Hill Ultra 2014




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