Manchester Marathon Training – Victoria Taylor


We are very happy to say that we are sponsoring Victoria Taylor with Elagen Sport in the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 19th April 2015. Victoria, or Tori as she prefers, has been a friend of Eladon Ltd for a few years now and has done some marketing work for us in the past. We were delighted when we heard that Tori was taking up running again, as it used to be a passion of hers. When she was in her teens, Tori was classed in the top of 4 in Welsh Athletics ( This will be her first Marathon and we cannot wait to see how she gets on. We wish her all the best!

Please read Tori’s Blog about herself and her training below

Manchester Marathon Training – Victoria Taylor

I am a dedicated runner, as a teenager I was ranked in the top of 4 Welsh Athletics I have continued with track running over the years through being a proud member of UCLan Athletics – who also work closely with Preston Harriers running club.

Now a career focused young professional, running is an after work hobby. Late last year I took a change in direction and stepped up to pursue with longer distance running. I am pleased to now be working towards my first marathon – the Manchester Marathon in April 2015. With the help and support form Elagen Sport supplements (intake three times a week) I hope to achieve the best results personally possible.

Below is a rough guide of what I have been training for over the past few months, now only a few weeks from race day I am becoming not only more nervous by the day but hopefully fitter! Having steeped up the running intensity similarly last year to train for Summer track events I found myself overloading the body and causing an injury to my lower calf, this caused me to take extra care during my training plan for the marathon through gradually increasing the distance and also combing with other sports like cycling and swimming.

November 2014:

Completed my first half marathon (Lancaster Half Marathon) in a time of 1 hour 54mins.

This was a straight forward run, which pressed me to challenge for a full marathon.

January 2015:

Manchester Marathon, signed up. Training plan must begin.

Every week:

1x 30 min run

1x hour run

1x Cycle /1x Swimming

This may not seem a lot – however, fitting the runs in time wise proved to be a challenge through having 2 jobs – one of which I am on my feet all evening (waitress in a busy restaurant) however, once out in the fresh air the enjoyment kicks in and it proves worthwhile.

February 2015

Cold Winter evenings prove marathon training is no doddle.

Every week:

2x 30 min runs

1x hours run

1x cycle

March 2015

Every week

3x 30 min runs

1x Long Run (10+ miles)

1x cycle

March was a tough month as I really needed to step up the game and prove my body will be able to manage with the distance of a full marathon. My shorter run times are defiantly getting faster lowering my average mile time to a comfortable 8 minuets per miles.

April 2015

1st week of the month

3x 30 min runs

1x Long Run (10+ miles)

1x cycle

2nd week of month



3 weeks before the race I completed my longest and toughest training distance – a 20 mile run, in a time of 2 hours 50 mins. Known as the ‘brick wall’ the completion of this session boosted my confidence in completing the marathon. However, I was intrigued to find how much everything passed 17 miles had a huge impact on my knees and feet. My body wasn’t used to running for such a long period of time and was a shock to the system – which caused a lot of positive pushing in the mind to drive me to the 20 mile finish line. This was truly and defiantly my toughest run yet!! The following ‘achy’ 2 days I ran a further 10 miles.

It is now 16 days until marathon day. I intend on resting for the next few days then reverting back to my January routine for a several days. I can feel the toll on my feet, and really scared of any risk of injury at this late stage in the game!


We will be supporting you all the way to the finish line Tori, Good Luck!!!

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