Welcome to Eladon Ltd’s brand new website.

It has been a long time in the preparation and we hope you are happy with the results.

It is 20 years since we first formed our company. Over those two decades the name Eladon and particularly Elagen has become synonymous with quality – not just of our products but of our service.

We specialise in high strength standardised herbal extracts. It is a simple premise learned from experts in the field. Leading phytotherapists or plant biologists will tell you that if a product is based on the finest plants which demonstrate excellent biology – then they will work.

There are a plethora of herbal supplements and herbal extracts on the shelves of our pharmacies, health stores and supermarkets.

Choosing which one is as confusing now as it was when Managing Director Richard Ross began his research into health supplements back in the early 1990s..

Richard was a guest of the Russian Embassy in Lusaka when he was first offered a herbal drink containing Eleutherococcus senticosus.  Intrigued by its purported effects, Richard tried to hunt it down in the UK on his return.

His search proved complicated – tinctures, drinks, herbal supplements, herbal extracts all containing various quantities of the herb were all available in various guises.

Richard travelled to Russia where he was a guest of the Russian Cosmonaut Training Centre and Dr Vladimir Kupin – the then head of research at the Moscow Cancer Research Institute.

Both parties used Eleutherococcus as part of their research at the Yuri Gagarin Centre and Moscow Cancer Institute.

What was lacking they told him were herbal extracts made to exacting standardisation levels. While the herb was widely available, quality extracts with the right botanical and scientific background were thin on the ground.

This revelation took Richard into Israel where he met with the experts who were then leading the field in the standardisation of herbal extracts. Dr Stephen Fulder presented Richard with vital information. A high strength and sticky extract was found via an extraction plant in Israel and Elagen was born.

Information detailing early research into Eleuthero is widely available, much of it Russian some of it Chinese,  as well as many European studies. Further research has been carried out since then and underlines still the necessity for properly standardised extracts to allow the consumer the best quality products they can buy and the researcher exactly what he needs for his work.

As European legislation changes, it has opened many doors and research documentation is now widely available to you the consumer. Links to these papers are now available from this website on our Research page.

We have tried to break down the available research into categories that will help those of you searching for specific and perhaps non specific illnesses.

Information on other products in our small and select range is also available. We hope to add further to the product list as we uncover the best extracts in the world and bring them to you under the Elagen label.