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Elagen + Olive Leaf + FREE Immuno 29

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Outstanding Products - thoroughly recommended Review by Tufty

I work as a freelance graphic designer with a 3 to 4 hour commute a day and quite stressful environments. If I don't work due to illness I don't get paid so my health and immune system are a high priority for me to keep in good shape. I had been using the flu buffer last year for a few months and had no colds, sickness or mouth ulcers (these were very common before) even though people around me were really in quite a bad way. Then I decided to try another company's products which all sounded very good, were more expensive but I wanted to know how I felt so I gave them a go. Despite spending a couple of hundred pounds on their products I got back to back illnesses and felt terrible. I ordered another flu buffer to see what it could do for me and it was with me within 24 hours. I took 4 Elagen/2 Olive Leaf and 2 Immuno a day and within 2 days I was almost back to normal. The other company's products must work for some people but just not for me as every persons' body is different. I now take 3 Elagen/ 2 Olive Leaf and 1 Immuno a day and this keeps on top of things. If things are very stressful or long hours and I feel a tickle in my throat in the morning I double my morning dose to 2 Elagen and by lunchtime things are feeling fine. This is money wisely spent to me as I keep earning and having no painful mouth ulcers is such a good feeling.

(Posted on 01/04/2010)

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