Craig Twigg


Occupation: Personal Trainer / Coach

Discipline: Triathlete

Greatest Achievements:

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Tell us about yourself…

Well, I’m a personal trainer from Leicester. My girlfriend Marija and I have been going out for six years. I made a bit of a comeback to the sport last year after having about seven years out, and the first two races were brilliantly successful as I won them both. Am a member of Leicester Tri Club, look out for the zebra kit, it rocks!

What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

Well I guess I’m really lucky in the fact that I can fit my work around my training. Each day is completely different as far as what I do. For instance I only work in the evenings on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday so I can do my long training sessions on these days. But the other days I’m quite busy so I can’t do as much. I’m training for an Ironman so I’m doing a fair bit of volume at the moment.

How did you hear about the Eladon range for Athletes?

Well I used to use Elagen Sport when I used to race years ago, it really helped me train, stopped me from getting colds and kept me healthy. I can’t remember how I originally heard about it. It was probably in 220 I guess. So when I started training properly again this time round I immediately ordered a batch!

Would you recommend our products?

Yes I would! Elagen Sport is the kind of product that can help anyone who has a busy lifestyle. Work, Training, Kids etc etc. It all takes its toll on our bodies, and sometimes we need all the help we can get to stay away from all those nasty bugs, especially during the winter months and the race season when we really push our bodies to the limit! If we get ill we can’t train properly, and if we can’t train properly then we’re less likely to achieve our season goals. So I would recommend Elagen Sport to anyone who wants a little extra help to boost their immune system.

Which of our products have you introduced to your routine?

Well as you’ve probably gathered I use Elagen Sport. It helps me recover better from a hard session and really helps with my immune system. I don’t feel any different taking it, it’s just that after a while you notice that you don’t get colds or coughs etc. Even though I’ve been hammering it in training, working hard and been around people all day sneezing and coughing all over the place!

I also use Joint Formula which really helps. I’ve not been getting any joint problems since I’ve been taking it. With all the miles I’m doing with my Ironman training it’s really important I take good care of my joints – especially at my age!!!!

I’ve started taking Beta Alanine recently and I’ve found it a great product to help me push a bit harder during those tough training sessions. I was quite unsure of starting with a new product, but the people at Eladon were so helpful and helped me to figure out how to get the most out of it.

What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

Most definitely the bike! I’m quite a big unit and I can push a fairly big gear. I just love the feeling of speed on the bike. I strangely also like the pain of riding hard. I also love all things aero!!