Darryl Carter


Age group:


Area of Sport:

Long-distance Triathlon and Ultra Trail Running

Recent achievements:

Wins in Brecon Beacons Ultra, Green Man Ultra, Malvern Hills Ultra

Link to blog/website: www.dazcarter.com

Tell us about yourself:

I first got into long distance running at the end of the 90s.  Within a couple of years I wanted a new challenge so I introduced cycling and swimming to my training and began a ten year period of triathlon racing.  At the same time I took a number of courses in personal training and became qualified as a Personal Trainer on the National Register of Exercise Professionals.  I also started to take triathlon a lot more seriously and developed a liking for the Ironman and Double-Ironman distances.

I used to work in the Civil Service, but after some experience of personal training and coaching I decided to set up my own business and coach triathletes online while racing as a professional athlete.  In 2009 I achieved my main ambition of a sub 9 hour Ironman time.

I’m quite competitive and I like to set myself personal challenges.  In 2009 I set out to run the Offas Dyke national trail (180 miles) unsupported.  Unfortunately I pulled out injured after 80 miles but it was an awesome experience and the catalyst for a slight change in lifestyle.  In 2011 I decided to take a break from triathlon and develop myself as an ultra trail runner.  So far I have been lucky enough to finish first or second in all races, with seven wins and a number of course records.  I hold the official record for the Cotswold Way National Trail and Green Man Challenge.

When I’m not training or coaching I’m spending time with my girlfriend in Hampton and catching-up with friends.


Which of our Eladon products do you prefer?

I’ve been using the Elagen Sport product generally, increasing the dosage when I’m feeling run down or during a heavy training period.  I also like to take Beta Alanine around intensive training sessions and leading up to key races.  I picked up achilles tendonitis a few years ago, but it has been a lot more manageable for the past two seasons having started taking Joint Formula.


What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

I’ve never been able to handle too many hours in a training week therefore I have to be more selective with my key sessions and structure them around coaching.  I’m generally quite flexible with my time so I can always introduce very long endurance sessions if required.  I usually go swimming on weekday mornings at my local pool, followed by a core and weights session.  As a triathlete I would then spend the rest of the time finding a balance alternating between running and cycling.  I’m currently spending most of my time running.  Shorter and more frequent sessions suit me best, but I do find time for the occasional long distance run/walk.  Unfortunately I live near London so I have to travel out for specific hill sessions.


How did you hear about Eladon?

I won a few tubs of Elagen Sport at a triathlon a few years ago and was keen to see what difference it made to my training, and general health.  Having done a little research on Eladon I noticed a few of my friends and peers were also taking Elagen Sport, and were providing some positive feedback.


Would you recommend our products?

Definitely!  It’s important for endurance athletes to be able to look after their bodies, particularly during heavy training programmes, when a good diet and plenty of sleep are not enough to sustain a strong immune system.

What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

Well, I can tell you the weakest – the swim!  I’m actually quite balanced in all three disciplines, but I’m stronger on the run.  I particularly like the Ironman marathon, which feels so much more comfortable, and I can just focus on pacing and (hopefully) catching the person in front of me!

Please review your favored product and tell us how you have introduced it to your routine:

As a coach I had already done a little research on the products and I was particularly interested in the energy catalyst coenzyme Q10, which is also an antioxidant.  I have taken Elagen Sport religiously for several years now, and not only did I manage to stay healthy and injury free, but I also found I could train harder and recover quicker.  I used to catch many colds, and the odd virus, but now that’s quite rare. 

Apart from Eladon’s range, what other product types would you consider using?

I have a number of supplements, but particularly the antioxidant vitamins C and E, and the mineral selenium.  All of which are recommended for athletes (high dosage) to reduce free radical damage from heavy training.  I take whey protein (powder) with most breakfasts to help muscle recovery and hit daily targets.  Of course, I use a number of nutritional sports products during training sessions and races.  My preferred product is 9-bar.

Describe what would be your ideal Health Supplement(s) and how it would be beneficial to your lifestyle?

Sometimes it’s better to have a number of various supplements available than an all-in-one combination.  You can then take whatever is required based on current circumstances, even if that does mean a high pill count!

Please list any/all race events you have within this upcoming year:

I am currently recovering from a hernia operation (Aug 2013), so have yet to finalise races for the following six months.  In 2014 I am considering; Green Man Ultra (Mar), Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra (Apr), Gutsmuths Rennsteig Ultra, Germany (May), West Highland Way Ultra (Jun), Forestman Middle-Distance Triathlon (Jun)