Frank McVeigh

Frank McVeigh

Age group: 35-39

Area of Sport: Triathlon

Link to blog/website:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I started Triathlons in the early 90’s. I remember my first race was the Liam Ball international in Derry/Londonderry. It was a hot day and at that time all numbers were written on your body in marker and the tan outline of my number lasts all season. From there I did every distance and sometimes race twice a week. In 2001 I decided to go longer and competed in the first official Ironman event 70.3 in the UK and then onto Ironman distance. But MOST importantly I’m married with kids, two dogs, a cat and twon budgies.

Which is your preferred Eladon product?

Elagen Sport

What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

With work and family my main goal is to do something every day. I love the freedom that multi-sport gives in a training plan.

How did you hear about Eladon and your preferred product?

Not sure probably in 220 Triathlon Magazine, I remember that Julian Jenkinson used them.

Would you recommend our products?

Without question.

What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

I think my ability to run off the bike.

Please review your favoured product and tell us how you have introduced it to your routine:

Recovery, increased performance, super health benefits. That’s what you get. Every now and then I stop taking the product just to get sick to remind by body how to fight. I came to this decision after not being sick three years, not even a cold sore. Inside seven days I couldn’t train as hard and my immune system was in pieces. I simply won’t be without it now.

Describe what would be your ideal Health Supplement(s) and how it would be beneficial to your lifestyle?

The Eladon range. Simple