Helen Russell

Age group: 35-39 (aged 38)

Area of Sport:  Triathlon

Recent achievements:


1st European Sprint Triathlon Championship (35-39) age category and 2nd overall.

1st England Sprint Triathlon Championships (35-39) age category


1st Overall Female European Sprint Duathlon Championships

1st British Aquathlon Championships (35-39 age category)


1st World Sprint Duathlon (35-39 age category)


2010 2nd European Duathlon Championships, Nancy, France 35-39 age category.

2010 3rd World Aquathlon Championships, Budapest, Hungary 35-39 age category.

2009 3rd World Duathlon Championship, Concord, North Carolina, USA 30-34 age category.


Link to blog/website: www.hrussell.co.uk

Twitter: helengoth


Tell us about yourself:

I am 38 years old and live in picturesque Worcestershire.

I did my first triathlon in 2006 and was shocked at how challenging it was. It was hard enough to keep my goggles on my face and the chain on my bike but despite these problems I enjoyed it and was hooked.

I was a club runner as a child but gave up running during my A-levels. I didn’t return to sport until my mid-twenties as I realised that a sedentary lifestyle wasn’t good for my health or waistline. I joined my local running club, which had some triathletes as members and they inspired me to give it a go.

As a club runner I didn’t realise how hard training for triathlons would be. I was lucky enough to get a coach who developed a training programme for me and could show me how to keep my goggles and chain on!

I was surprised at how quickly I improved and qualified to represent Great Britain in 2009. That year I won a bronze medal in my age group at only my second international event (2009 World Duathlon). I have continued to improve and have now won three international gold meals (Word Sprint Duathlon, European Sprint Duathlon and European Sprint Triathlon).

Which of our Eladon products do you prefer?

Elagen Sport has been an essential part of my routine since 2009. In the run up to my major races I also take Beta Alanine to increase my power.

What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

There isn’t really a typical day as no two days are the same for me. I am lucky enough to have a coach who gives me a monthly plan so I know what I am doing well in advance. I train twice a day, six days a week. As I work full-time that means either before or after work, or if there is enough time during my lunch break.  Typically I will start the day with either a swim or weights session and after work will either do a run or get on the Wattbike. I work on the edge of the Lickey Hills which means I can always get a hill session done during lunch! At the weekend I love to focus on the cycling with a long Sunday ride exploring the Cotswolds with the Evesham Wheelers. Once a week I do Pilates, which is essential for my core strength and flexibility. In the summer I love to do open water swimming in one of the many lakes and reservoirs in Worcestershire. This amount of training, coupled with work and of course my domestic chores, can be very draining but since taking Elagen Sport I feel less run down that I normally get which allows me to train more effectively.

How did you hear about Eladon?

I first heard about Elagen Sport in 2009 after seeing it endorsed by a number of athletes in Triathlon 220 and was very curious. I was therefore delighted to win a voucher for Eladon products at a local triathlon. At last I could see what all the fuss was about.

My Elagen Sport arrived just as I was training hard for the 2009 World Duathlon Championships in America. This was when swine-flu was affecting some of my training buddies and colleagues and so it was exactly the right time to give Elagen Sport a go.

I was sure that the arrival of the autumn weather, with all the usual bugs and the air conditioning on the long haul fight to the World Duathlon would mean that that I would catch something, but I was delighted that I actually arrived fit and healthy and won the bronze medal.

I have been using Elagen Sport ever since!

Would you recommend our products?


Normally over the winter I have a couple of colds or infections but since using Elagen Sport this rarely happens. This has meant that I have been able to train consistently over the winter months, which has translated into great results in the spring. Training and work take their toll on my body and deplete my immune system but Elagen Sport helps to restore my body’s natural defences. As an age-grouper I realise that Elagon Sport isn’t just for elite athletes it’s for everyone that pushes their bodies to go faster.


What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

This is constantly changing.  I come from a running background so when I first started triathlons running was my strongest discipline. I was often the fastest swimmer and runner in a race but would loose as my cycling wasn’t strong enough. I quickly realised that if I wanted to win races I would have to focus on the bike. Since 2010 I have been using a Wattbike, which has really improved my bike strength. As I was spending more time on my bike my running stagnated but this winter I have done more running and my speed has returned. It’s taken a few years but my cycling and running are now both my best disciplines. Now its time to improve my swimming!

Please review your favored product and tell us how you have introduced it to your routine:

My favorite Eladon product is Elagen Sport. I take it everyday in the winter to help boost my immune system and also in the run up to major competitions.

Apart from Eladon’s range, what other product types would you consider using?

Apart from Elagen Sport and Beta Alanine I would also consider using a supplement that helped to look after my joints such as Glucosamine.

Describe what would be your ideal Health Supplement(s) and how it would be beneficial to your lifestyle?

My ideal supplement would help me to keep fit and healthy and would be easy to take. I know that a supplement alone won’t make me go faster but ideally it would help me to improve my recovery time or immune system which means that I can train consistently, which translates into better performance.

Please list any/all race events you have within this upcoming year:

My final race of the 2013 season is the World Aquathlon in London on 11th September. At the end of September I am moving to Germany to study a Masters Degree. I am going to continue to train over the winter with the aim of competing in Germany in the spring/summer. A possible goal is to run my first ever marathon. I will definitely be taking my Elagen Sport with me as I know how many bugs will be going around the lecture halls and halls of residence and will need some extra defence!