Ian Jackson




Greatest Achievements:

Tell us about yourself…

I’ve been with Derbyshire Police for over twenty years, I’m dad to Hannah and Luke, busy doing up my new house, and in my spare time (what spare time I have!) I compete as a Triathlete. I have a very busy lifestyle which involves training every day.

What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

Well, I cycle or run to the pool most mornings, where I train for an hour before I start work. Then after work I run or cycle home so that every day I am training in all three of my triathlon disciplines. I know it sounds a bit obsessive but I really enjoy it!

How did you hear about the Eladon range for Athletes?

I met Alison from the Eladon Team when she came to support the National Police Triathlon Championships last September. I got chatting to her about my lifestyle and as winter was approaching I was interested to hear about the best ways to stay well through the season.

I work a lot of long days, including weekends and nights so I often find that I train at bad times of the day. There has been many a time when I have come in from a night shift and gone straight out running just to fit it in, so if I’m very tired then that’s when I find myself getting run down more.

Would you recommend our products?

Since September I have been trying a few different products from the range. My colleagues and running buddies have struggled this winter, but I’ve managed to avoid the usual problems and feel absolutely great. I decided it was worth a try and have found that the products really suit me, so yes defintely.

Which of our products have you introduced to your routine?

Elagen Sport, it really staves off the nasty coughs and colds I would normally get through the Winter. My recovery after training and competing is so much better. Because I am able to train more, I am doing more, and so my times are really coming down – better than they’ve been the last few seasons. I’m really pleased.

The new product in the range, Beta Alanine – it’s really working for me. It pushes back the onset of lactic burn, which means I can train harder, more frequently and for longer – I’m able to train more than I have for years.
I’m also getting huge benefits from Joint Formula, I have recurring knee problems that have greatly improved. I’m a heavier runner so I put a lot of pressure on my joints. Finally (!) I’ve just started with Olive Leaf Extract to keep chest infections and cold sores at bay.

What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

Bike – definitely. I’m a bit of a fat lad and it’s the section of the race that has the least impact on my legs. The Bike is where I make up for lost time and always enjoy it the most. The swim is always fun in races in hot countries, but not so much in the UK!