Katrina Grimmett

Age: 34

Occupation: Detective

Discipline: Duathlete, Marathon Runner

Recent Achievements:

-Danish Half Marathon – 1st Female (May 2010)
-Elite European Duathlon Championships 2010 Bronze Medal (May 2010)
-National Interservices Duathlon Championships – 1st Female (April 2010)

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Tell us about yourself…

I am 34 years old, married to a wonderful man and live in the beautiful New Forest area. I work as a Detective Constable for Hampshire Constabulary in a busy CID office. I absolutely love exercise and it is a huge part of my lifestyle. I only began racing in triathlons late in 2008’s season after my husband bought me an amazing time trial bike as a gift. He wanted to encourage me to race as he thought my times were good.

What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

I am an early bird so I get up early every day. If I am working I will be up around 6 to 6.30am and get out there and train the disciplines of triathlon sport (my trusty head torch comes in handy during winter). I have my own weekly training plan which naturally fell into place for me. I always seem to be in a rush to get to work after training but always feel on top form before I start my day. Sometimes I work for very long days, if I get off on time I will fit in a couple of extra cycles home during the week after work. This is one of my favourite indulgences, it’s just a pleasure cycling through the heart of the forest and a great wind down. During rest days I love being able to train steadily and for longer, then have a well earned feet up with a large glass of wine in the evenings.

How did you hear about the Eladon range for Athletes?

I competed in the Olympic National Police Championships in September 2008 and won the ladies race. I was lucky enough to win a voucher for Eladon products as they were the race sponsor. I called Alison at Eladon and enquired about what products would be best for me and was sent products to suit.

Would you recommend our products?

Absolutely yes. My training routine and my job are extremely demanding both physically and mentally, so every now and then I would feel a little run down. Since taking Elagen Sport I have not experienced these regular run downs. I really feel that my body is getting what I was missing before. I call them my ‘Wonder Woman tablets’.

Which of our products have you introduced to your routine?

I take Elagen Sport every day and this is clearly right for me, I don’t feel it’s necessary to try anything else at the moment.

What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

Running is my strongest tri discipline and also my favourite! I love to plod for miles in the forest taking in the atmosphere. During training I make myself vary my styles of running and try to incorporate hill sprints – more out of necessity than enjoyment! Being a stronger runner I enjoy duathlons as they enable me to be confident about going for it at the start. I don’t always have the same feelings of confidence in the swim in triathlons, working on that though!