Mark D’Arcy

25 Poole TT 070713Age group: 35-39

Area of Sport:  Triathlon

Recent achievements:

Many top ten finishes including coming 1st in my age & winning trophy’s. I have also recorded PB’s this season on TT’s & running races. Please see my previous emails with detailed updates that I send to you.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a sponsored athlete who always promotes your brand with athletes & my sponsors Oakley,2XU & Cliff bar. I’m an ambassador for the brands & always promote E/S & Beta as I know it works.

I will add value as I have in the past is discussing events or products
with athletes across the board. These can be semi pro athletes I train
with, Southampton triathlon club, Team feat & new athletes I meet at
Athletes always listen to fellow athletes as you’re aware.

The best method I’ve found is taking marketing literature (Leaflets,
products etc) to events. Then handing them out but also discussing the
information. Then talk about personal experiences. These also work well
at mid-week local races where over 300 people attend. I have even been
allowed to place them in goodie bags at other events I’ve attended including triathlons.

When you meet me & have seen my drive, passion & enthusiasm your see how I get the “Buy in from people”. I’m sure this is why people listen to me. In the past people normally come to me &
ask do Bacardi sponsor you! This normally gets the “buy in” & breaks
the ice. I’ve attached a picture.

Which of our Eladon products do you prefer?

The only ones I have tired our E/S & Beta. I would like to try other products that will benefit my performance. I can then tell people about these if I have had a personal experience.

What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

I train twice a day most days then easy down for races. I put in up to 15 hours week. Not bad for someone who works fulkl time & has a family.

How did you hear about Eladon?


Would you recommend our products?

Of course as stated above. Even go as far as saying I’m trying to sell your product.

What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

The bike coming 1st or 2nd on most tri’s & keeping up with the pure TT guys. I had the 7th fastest bike at the world qualifiers with over 650 people there. The running & swimming are coming on now.

Please review your favored product and tell us how you have introduced it to your routine:

I take E/S every day & Beta. I don’t get ill & my recover is a lot better. I couldn’t train as long or hard without it.

Apart from Eladon’s range, what other product types would you consider using?


Describe what would be your ideal Health Supplement(s) and how it would be beneficial to your lifestyle?

Something that gives me more energy, something that reduces lactic acid, If that fails something that gets me going before a hard session like the clif bar caffeine products.

Please list any/all race events you have within this upcoming year:

I always kept you updated with up & coming races & updates & will continue to do so. These are the races I have left this seasons & I will send you a list of races I will be doing in 2014 in December

5k park run which I won last week 31/08/13

10 mile TT 01/09/13
Diamond Triathlon (London): Standard
Held on: Sun 8th September 2013

Petersfield Triathlon
Held on: Sun 15th September 2013

The Bath Challenge Distance Triathlon (800m Swim – 40 Km Cycle – 10 Km Run) Held on: Sun 22nd September 2013

Southampton Triathlon
Held on: Sun 29th September 2013

Then followed by one more Duathalon