Rhian Roxburgh


Occupation: Teacher

Discipline: Triathlete

Greatest Achievements:


Tell us about yourself…

I have been involved with Triathlon for 5 years.  My first year made me realise that I am fitter than I thought and after my first tri, I was hooked.  Coming from a swimming background, I have always trained hard with not too much effect on my body.  This all changed when I started to cycle and run.  Triathlon can put a lot of strain on the body if it isn’t used to it especially if you don’t know how to train properly! Suffice to say, the first two years were an education!  I took on a coach after my first World Age Group Championships where I came 34th.  This helped me a lot, and I learned the importance of rest in the training plan.  The following year, I suffered with asthma and had an awful start to the season.  Somehow I managed to qualify for the Worlds again and, with low expectations, I went to Lausanne where I came 3rd!  This was the first year that I started taking Elagen Sport.

What would be a typical day for you as far as training goes?

With having a full time job, I have to utilise the hours I have free.  So typically, I get up at 5am to get to the pool for 6am (I live half an hour away), I swim 6 – 7:15 and then I am on a tight schedule to return home and get to school for 8:30.  On days where I teach PE, I take advantage of this and warm up and stretch with the children!  After work, I either cycle or run for up to an hour.  I always stretch afterwards and in addition to this I spare half an hour for core or weights, depending on the day and the next day’s sessions.

How did you hear about the Eladon range for Athletes?

My mother is always buying supplements of some form or another, she has a cupboard full of anything that anybody might need, you name it she’ll have it! Anyway, she saw an interview with Leanda Cave in a magazine and she had mentioned that she used Elagen Sport and listed the benefits.  My mum showed the article to me and suggested that I should try them.  This was around the time that I had been diagnosed with asthma, I had had an injury and was pretty down.  So, I thought, why not?

Would you recommend our products?

Absolutely YES!  These tablets were allowing me to recover quicker, so I was ready for the next training session with fresh legs.  I thought at the time, how amazing it was that I would do a track session one day, a hard brick the next and still be ready for more!  After the season, I stopped taking them; I had run out of the box and didn’t think to buy any more.  It wasn’t until last year that I started re-using them and had all the same benefits, recovery was so much better!

Which of our products have you introduced to your routine?

I just use Elagen Sport at the moment, but am also very keen to try Beta Alanine. ES really helps me recover quicker from one session to the next, sometimes after a really hard session, I don’t feel like I have done anything at all and could do the session again, they are amazing!

What is your strongest Triathlon Discipline?

The swim is my strongest discipline when in an age-group race and my bike is quite strong too.  However, I’m still not happy with my swim in comparison to some elites; I would like to be faster!